Caller Name & SMS Talker APP

Caller Name & SMS Talker APP

Caller Name & SMS Talker APP. if you looking for an app that told you automatically Caller name and all your Mobile sms Talk with clear voice. Now we today bring you a best app that talk caller name and its All its very easy to manage your SMS and Caller detail by Simple mobile app.

Best features Of Caller Name App

  • Size of Caller Name app      2.5 MB
  • Installs                                    5,000,000+
  • Required version                  4.0 and Ups
  • Current Version                    4.2.2



Speak Name of Caller

In this application, first you have to make a setting, you have to write the name on top of all the contact numbers saved in your mobile, then you have to give permission to this application like you can anytime. When a call comes in, this application will tell you the name of the contact that the person called you, so that if your mobile phone is kept away from you anywhere, you will know that Who is the one who called me this way? If you want to pick up his call, pick up the phone. If not, you are sitting in the same place.

Turn off Caller Name on Silent Mode

When you put your mobile in silent mode, that is, if you receive any call or SMS, you do not know it means that you are busy somewhere, when you are engaged in this type of engagement. Turn off this setting in your mobile then this application will not work whenever any call comes to you application will not tell you its name this way it is also a nice feature that is towards this application Gets you.

SMS Talk Reader

Also, if a person has sent you an SMS, this application will read your name and tell you that the person has sent you an SMS and if you have sent a complete message. If you want to read from this app, then this application will tell you – in the same way, if you have low education and you do not know how to read, this app will guide you a lot in this regard.
Lot of Customization Options

And there are so many more tools and options that you can take turns setting up how much volume you want to keep.lot of options to free customize your Mobile settings.

How to Use Caller Name App

The application is very simple to use Download custom settings in it Keep the volume as much as you want Customize and you can apply this tone separately on any mobile number you still want The call will come from this number and will tell its name.

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