How To Use Kitty Live Streaming App for Mobile

How To Use Kitty Live Streaming App for Mobile. Friends this application but gives you a chance to talk to people around you or if you want to talk to people outside. with this application, you can easily make them your friend and in addition.

If you are proud of yourself or the big holiday that you have on YouTube is in the application that you can watch live streaming. then you will get a regal gift then convert them to your cash. This feature is great in the application, as well as having live streaming you will enjoy and you can enjoy.

Kitty APP Live Features

Free live streaming

If you make it an application open account, you can do live streaming for free when you create your account and you will be showing your friends live. then you are free of charge and all are free and simple. One-click and you will go live This app is very easy to use.

 Interact with followers

In this application, you can talk to your favorite superstar on a live call and talk to them about your heart in this verse. To which you can connect and follow Worm and you can also find a Net Superstar.

Random video chat Feature

If you want to talk to a single person, then you get this feature your favorite superstar can be your problem or you want to join a random call to see what they are doing with a group. If you want to see ‘s call in their life, then this feature is telling you.

Virtual gifts

If you like any of your superstars or your favorite celebrities, you can send them a gift for the gift and you will have to buy them and you can send them and you can express your wishes.

How To Use Kitty live app

The Friends application is very easy to use, after downloading it from the Play Store or from this article. from the mobile number to the Facebook account or from Google you will get your button on which you are going to be this festival day. You can join other people’s calls, you can get paid, you can also add rates, just to use a lot.


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