How To Use Rojgar Samachar Hindi jobs APP

How To Use Rojgar Samachar Hindi jobs APP

How To Use Rojgar Samachar Hindi jobs APP in Mobile and in laptop. The Rojgar Samachar Hindi jobs APP is very helpful for All people in India who are Interesting in getting new daily jobs In Mobile and other educational information. like Agriculture jobs and Updates and currents affairs & Educational Notices and All types of results and daily new Jobs in India.

This application which is very useful allows you to know about your private and government jobs from all over India. This application targeted 29 states in which you can get the details of all the jobs in Hindi. Also jobs of government and all other organizations about them news online official results and you can also apply online about any job from here. There is complete information about the job, the name of the company, and even how you can apply for it.[Recommended:3 Ways To Get Job in India without Experience

How To Use Rojgar Samachar Hindi jobs APP

The Rojgar Samachar Hindi job application is very easy to use. It is designed in such a way that you can easily use it on your mobile. You just have to have an Android mobile and you can use Hindi and English in this application. In addition, you will also find the complete language that you can translate and apply for any job information in a better way. There are many features that we are mentioning to you.


We will provide you the download link of this application below which you can download by clicking on it. You will also find it at the top of the Play Store. After downloading, open it on your mobile homepage. Many categories and jobs will appear in front of you.


Click on any job you like. All my information will be told to you like the company’s semi-salary, how old you should be, how much education has been requested, if you like that job If you want to follow this, you can submit your CV for the job by clicking on the button below. You will also be asked to enter your mobile number and email address so that you can be provided timely information about this job.


Feature of Rojgar Samachar Hindi job App

  • size of this Application       3.0MB
  • Installs                                   500,000+
  • Current version                   1.25
  • Required version                4.1 And Up

Daily get New Government and Private Jobs

In the same way, we will open this application in which all the 29 states from all over India have been targeted. All the jobs related to them are told to you here, whether it is private or official reader. You will find the information first on the Hoon patch. You can select a job from here, apply for it, and share it with your friends.

Saved Job In PDF Formate

Any job advertisement you want to give to a friend will be printed out and all the job information will be provided to you in the online office for that. You are all on your favorite list. In your Favorites list, all the jobs that you have selected will come to a side in which you have to know all the records and qualifications in turn.


Share Any Job On WhatsApp in any formate

In Hindi or English, whatever you like, in PDF format, you can also send that job to a friend, a friend, a teacher, a relative, on WhatsApp and other social media applications. They will also give you an opinion about it so that you can make a better decision about this job. Check Also Security Guard Jobs In Kolkata Best Salary

Current Affairs News & Agriculture Jobs

There are a lot of people in India who are involved in farming and they want to be at the forefront of agriculture. It will be shared with you. You can read it yourself and share it with your friends. In the same way, from Nineteen State, all the jobs in the private sector head and the government will be displayed in front of you. You can also go to their office and get the information about this job, otherwise, you will be given the full address and all the information will be written.
Select Any State and Get Job


Because there are many states in India, if you belong to one state, sometimes you are not eligible to apply for a job in another state, then you get this feature in this application. Select and all the information and jobs will be in front of you. Similarly, you will not see any other job related to the state.

How To Download Rojgar Samachar Hindi job App

The information we have given you if you like it and want to download this application then click on the link below then you will go to the play store. From there, you can install it on your mobile and apply for a job online. here is a Rojgar Samachar Hindi Job App


If you have any questions or concerns about this application, please let us know.


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