LivU Meet New People APK Download for Android

LivU Meet New People APK Download for Android. Friends If you want to meet and befriend people. We have brought you a LiveU application. Where you can meet new people and make them your friends with LivU. It gives you a chance to make new friends again and live a better life. Where the app gives you the opportunity to make new friends at no cost. LivU Plus many more features that will help you Not found in large apps.

with LivU You can use them in your video or you can chat with your friends. And find this app very much more rather than other apps. LivU is a very popular application. Especially for making new friends and making video calls. Group calling and lots of art and entertainment with this application you can.LivU Meet New People APK Download for Android.



Why People Chose LivU Application

LivU application is appreciated by a lot of people from all over the world. And there are many powerful fields you can use as well as many powerful features. You can apply  LivU in your video call is something like this Special.

Video Filters LivU 

When chatting with your friends during a live call. You can use filters on your live video and you can even interact with your friends. Better than ever with the filters you like. All types of filters you can apply are absolutely free.

Beauty Effect LivU 

LivU most expensive feature that comes with it is the Beauty Effect. If you are chatting your face off your live stream or in a group chat. You can apply the beauty fee fielder and your face first. Much better than now you’ll find better.

Free Video Call

Friends when you want your live call glow cat or you can call your friends. Wherever and whenever you want. And there will be no free forward text message audio call and video call with LivU. With this application, you can have all the internet you need. Sapan Choudhry Video Dance App

Chat History

Since the time you used the application all the history of the person you spoke to will remain in your LivU app. And you can download and view it anywhere. Which is for your privacy So tacit is what no one else can see.

How To Use LivU APk

From this same article, you have to download this application first then install it on mobile and open it. From the mobile number, you have to make it WiFi. Then you will become an account. LivU  You can add your profile the way you want and then when you click on the search friend many new people will come to you.

Then call anytime you want. And do lots and lots of Entertainment emojis live filters at no cost.

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