My STC KSA App For Mobile

My STC KSA App For Mobile

My STC KSA App For Mobile. The STC app is a fantastic defect that helps your audience to view bills, install different Internet packages. And install prepaid packages. Through this people can also see your utility bills. This company has been operating in Saudi Arabia for many years. This company has received a high percentage.  STC is providing packages to its customers is below the detail. I will brief you on them.

Recharge prepaid number

With this app, you can also recharge your prepaid number. Depending on this feature, users download a very sad app on their mobile. We will also request that you also. Download this app on your mobile and view all your bills and submit them. As well as prepaid numbers that you have. You can also recharge through this app. Giving them a download please from the very beginning. The company provides its customers with a package that they like very much.

This package is just so fond of yen that you guys figured out that the company had a revenue of 27.9 billion in revenue in two years. Now let me tell you the details of all these packages. STC Internet Packages is providing various types of Internet packages to its users, including Daily Internet packages.

Transfer amounts by this App

One of the benefits of this app and where there are many benefits is that through it you can transfer money to another mobile. That you can transfer money to in general. A friend wants to transfer money to another tree and such an app has also provided this facility to all of his users. And has made it easy for them all. Or from their mobile recharge, if they want.

They can send their friends an Amount which is very easy now but all this is due to the app. On a regular basis, there are usually packages call packages and net packages whose prices are extremely reasonable and can be easily tolerated. On a daily basis, there are two types of packages – one that has an unlimited number of MBs. And one that has a limited number of MBs.

Provides Internet Packages

With this app, you can know the details of different types of internet packages. And even if you can install prepaid packages there are three types of packages which are on a daily basis or on a weekly basis. On a monthly basis, or on a monthly basis, then gives you all the details. STC Also Provides Internet packages In Kuwait.

On a weekly basis, the number of Internet packages is quite charming and attractive. These packages are also of two types’ There is a call package which is usually supplied to you a voice message. They’re are given different minutes from one net to the other.

Which include both minutes and off-net minutes. It is only Your choice to choose one of these packages. There are also limited and unlimited types and the prizes of these packages also vary.

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